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Build a successful online presence to grow your business and bring in more revenue.


See how your business is performing and identify areas for improvement. Analytics is without a doubt the groundwork for understanding what drives success and for making informed decisions. So, we help you get a complete and accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses to help you reach your goals.


Make a marketing plan based on data that will increase your bottom line. Certainly, finding the best mix of marketing strategies for your business is the key to unleashing success. We help you modify your approach where necessary in order to improve efficiency and maximize growth.


Connect with your target audience and turn those connections into profits. Both capturing and converting new customers are both necessary to grow your business. We find the best ways to both create and maintain effective relationships with clients to ensure lasting value.


Who We Are

Our professional team

We are creative data specialists that specialize in small to medium size business marketing. As a result, our professionals are focused on helping you build a successful business. So, we offer a unique and tailored approach to build brand awareness and reach your potential customers in the online space.

Our team is made up of analysts who skillfully convert data insights into an actionable plan to help you grow financially while maintaining healthy relationships with your audience. In fact, with over 5+ combined years of experience in the industry, we know the best ways to market a small to medium sized business online. In fact, we are passionate about analyzing data to help small to medium sized businesses create plans for growth.

Discover the Best Ways to Market a Small Business Like Yours

As a small to medium sized business owner, you obviously need to grow your revenue. However, you may not have a big marketing budget or know the best ways to market a small to medium sized business. So, it’s important to make the most of your marketing efforts. Indeed, you can reach more customers and increase sales for your local business by using online marketing strategy. But creating an online presence is hard work and it takes time, money and marketing know how.

Our professional team can help accelerate growth for your brand by leveraging the power of online marketing tools. In particular, we do this by finding your ideal target customer through social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing. We are also here with you step by step with a personal dedication to your business’s growth. In short, our team helps you attract your ideal customer with a mission of creating long-term relationships that ultimately grow your business.

Ērika Štāle
Ērika Štāle
Paldies Henrijam un viņa burvīgajam uzņēmumam, par lielisku sadarbību, kā rezultātā tapa skaista uzņēmuma mājaslapa! Lai arī turpmāk viss izdodas kā iecerēts! Ar cieņu, Staiceles Krūmmelllenes
Hamza Arif
Hamza Arif
I had such an amazing experience with Henrijs and his Bitter Pills Agency, He is an amazing guy filled with enthusiasm, great management abilities, awesome strategies and ming blowing skills. I would highly recommend him and his agency, they got such an amazing expertise.
Ieva Beļtjukova
Ieva Beļtjukova
Превосходная организация! Отличное отношение и поддержка клиентов от начала до конца процесса. Команда действительно компетентна и делает все возможное на каждом этапе. Я бы рекомендовала их безоговорочно.
gsk 32
gsk 32
Very professional services. Requirements were met and results were beyond our expectations. Marketing strategy was a bonus to their website design we acquired which we highly recommend.
Francisca Sumay
Francisca Sumay
Could not have picked the best designer for my website. Creative, professional, committed, easy to work with (easy to understand customer's needs and will always explain the reason behind every move), and very much on top of the game. I am very much at peace cause I know where to go for future needs!
Rūdolfs Zariņš
Rūdolfs Zariņš
I am very satisfied with the services provided by Bitter Pills Agency. All targets, KPI's were met, and the cooperation happened at the highest level. I felt valued and heard, and the consultations have been with the utmost result for our business growth! Thank you!
Léon Wodtke
Léon Wodtke
They have such a good service! I was looking for someone who could help me with my website for my freelance work. I didn’t get any views on my website before and didn’t know why. They did a lot of research on my website and gave me a very detailed rapport of what could be improved. They even gave me new ideas that were very useful. They also consulted me very well too, they answered every question I had, no matter how hard it was to understand for me :)

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